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Neurological Signs

Professor Shu Leong Ho, Dr Gary Lau, Dr Richard Chang, Dr Sonny Hon and Dr Joseph Kwan

Intention Tremor

As one can appreciate in this video, this middle-aged man has right-sided intention tremor. The right index finger shows exaggerated tremor when approaching the target, i.e. his nose and physician’s finger. Please note that the examiner should place his finger at around one arm’s length ...

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Postural Tremor

The patient in this video has no hand tremor during rest. However, when the patient is asked to maintain her arms in an outstretched position, a right hand tremor can be seen (postural tremor). The patient also had an action tremor (not shown in this ...

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Lower Limb Wasting, Pes Cavus and Clawing of Toes

In this photo, there is apparent leg-length discrepancy and wasting of the lower limb muscles – the left side relatively more severe. Typical pes cavus (high-arched foot) are seen on both sides. Clawing of the toes can also be seen. This sign is postulated to ...

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Ulnar Neuropathy

These two photos (Figures 1 and 2) show wasting of the left small hand muscles including the interosseous muscles, 3rd and 4th lumbricals and hypothenar muscles. The picture also shows an ulnar claw hand in which there is extension of the metacarpophalangeal joints and flexion ...

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This patient complained of on and off tingling sensation over the lateral 3 ½ fingers of the right hand. There was wasting of the thenar muscles as noted in this photo. Further testing showed that the thumb abduction and opposition was weak. Tinel’s sign and ...

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