Movement Disorders

Resting Tremor

The patients shown in the these three videos all have idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. There is a typical resting tremor that involves the upper and lower limbs in the first patient, and only the upper limbs in the second and third patient. In all three patients, the ...

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Intention Tremor

As one can appreciate in this video, this middle-aged man has right-sided intention tremor. The right index finger shows exaggerated tremor when approaching the target, i.e. his nose and physician’s finger. Please note that the examiner should place his finger at around one arm’s length ...

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Postural Tremor

The patient in this video has no hand tremor during rest. However, when the patient is asked to maintain her arms in an outstretched position, a right hand tremor can be seen (postural tremor). The patient also had an action tremor (not shown in this ...

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