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Intention Tremor

Intention tremor can be elicited by the finger-nose test. In normal patients, the movements between the physician’s finger and patient’s nose should be smooth, but adjustment is allowed according to the patient’s upper limb power. This man has intention tremor and impaired finger-nose test on the right ...

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Heel-shin Test

In this video, the patient exhibits a positive heel-shin test on the right side. Compared to the left (normal) side, the right lower limb is seen to be rather clumsy. The heel-shin test is a test to screen for ipsilateral cerebellar function. Once again, clear ...

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Ataxic Wide-based Gait

The gait is wide-based and the patient requires assistance from the physician for stabilization. The patient cannot turn within one or two steps but requires multiple steps. The physician then asks the patient to perform tandem-walking at the end of the video but the patient ...

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Horizontal Nystagmus

In the first video, the patient has both horizontal nystagmus and vertical “down-beat” nystagmus. In the second video, the patient has a torsional nystagmus when looking to her right hand side. Discussion of the sign Nystagmus is defined as a rhythmic oscillation of the eyes. It usually consists ...

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