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Multiple Sclerosis

The set of cranial MRIs shown here are from a young woman with a known history of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. In the first scan (T2W axial cut), we can see multiple T2 hyperintense lesions involving bilateral cerebral cortices (Figure 1). These lesions are noted to be of a juxta-cortical and also peri-ventricular ...

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In this contrast thoracic CT scan of a middle-aged woman with newly diagnosed seropositive generalized myasthenia gravis, an abnormal thymic lesion (present in the anterior mediastinal compartment) could be seen  (Figure 1). The patient was referred to the Cardiothoracic Surgeons where she received a thymectomy via ...

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Horizontal Nystagmus

In the first video, the patient has both horizontal nystagmus and vertical “down-beat” nystagmus. In the second video, the patient has a torsional nystagmus when looking to her right hand side. Discussion of the sign Nystagmus is defined as a rhythmic oscillation of the eyes. It usually consists ...

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